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    Talking "We can't spell at our school, but at least we can play hoops!"

    This is not an April Fools Day joke - it is still March 31.

    To have your photo plastered on Sports Illustrated when the best you can say about your team is "Yeah baby!! We're Number 65!! Wooooo!" is maybe cause for concern, but to overshadow it with this? Ouch!

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    One station near me had received their new engine, gold leafed at the factory.

    They had it about a week and were outside washing it one evening when one of the village residents was walking by, and stopped, and commented she had always thought there was another "I" in the spelling of their department's name...

    Not sure which had the firefighters more downtrodden...that the factory screwed up or they had a member of the public point it out

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    I was on duty the other day and got a phone call from a company selling fire prevention materials. The representative asked if I had an email addresss, so I gave them the one I have at the firehouse.

    She asked me to spell out my name and if Marlborough was spelled "like the cigarette" I spelled my name out for them and said "it's Marlboro with a "ugh" at the end."

    She then said .. "doesn't that make it Marlbo-rug?"
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    Who was the smacktard that made those shirts??

    Good advertising.
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