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    Default Vehicle Refurbishment

    Couple of questions about this....what NFPA standard applies to vehicle refurbishing? What does it require? Has anyone wrote a successfull grant app for this before?

    We have a 1984 Pierce Arrow canopy cab that we are thinking about asking to refurb. We are not sure if we are suppose to apply under the vehicle or equipment category. Reason is this...other than what the NFPA standard requires, we are mainly either changing equipment or adding equipment (replacing a steel water tank with a poly tank, adding a four-door cab enclosure, adding a brow light, doing away with our Halogen lights and going to a combination Halogen/LED/Strobe lighting system, and possibly adding a hydraulic ladder rack). Does anyone have any advice? We are meeting with the Pierce rep this coming week.

    Also, does anyone have a narrative they would be willing to share? If you have one willing to share; email me at SouthWheatland514@juno.com . Also, I have a few successfull narratives that I would be willing to trade also.

    Good luck to all!

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    AFG requires any refurb to bring the vehicle up to the current standard for the same type of vehicle, so NFPA 1901 is your animal.

    Word is that as long as the vehicle does not have to get re-titled under state law (ie new chassis) then it is an equipment app. Enclosing the cab, new tank, etc. I think the gray area is the chassis work (motor, brakes, tranny, etc) so if you're doing any of that I'd check with an FPS first.

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    The PG states;
    Refurbished apparatus must meet NFPA 1912.
    NFPA 1912 Standard for Fire Apparatus Refurbishing, 2006 Edition, references NFPA 1901 which Brian pointed out.

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