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    Question FF Fitness

    Interesting article on Firefighter fitness. Got it in the email.

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    Well, duh! Any firefighter who has seen the LODD report every year knows that. Yet many of us, including me, are overweight and don't exercise enough. I am working on that though. The department I work for gives us a hour and a half for physical fitness. There is no requirement on the type of workout one does. Several use the time well, others don't. I like lifting weights but hate the aerobic part of it. I have begun a routine that allows for 30 minutes of weight training and 30 minutes of aerobic training. We as a whole need to do better at this. There is a lot of resistance to it though. There needs to be a better program for everybody, they are available too. The top dogs in the department need to make a commitment towards this and make it mandatory. That would give incintive for members to work out. Of course the extremely busy departments would need another approach.
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    Well for the busy departments, isn't getting in and out of the rig a workout?

    Just kidding.

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    Thumbs down Don't bring me into it

    Being a highly fit firefighter (I took 50th in the Firefighter Combat Challenge World Championship), I despise mandatory work outs. I have my own system that Iíve developed through years of hard work. Yes, the fire service in general needs to improve its fitness and many people need direction in this. BUT donít mess with my work out schedule. I despise Ďone size fits allí type of routines because a few chubby guys arenít doing their part.

    Just my thoughts

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