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    I recently left a large, metro FD to Chief a rural countywide fire dept. I am the first paid chief and the county is well setup for wildland firefighting, but has no structural pumper, nearly antiquated turnouts, and a hodgepodge of SCBA, none of which meets current standards. While I'm sure this makes us a high priority, I have not written grants for several years, and outsourcing is not really an option. If anyone has a successful narrative for a pumper, turnouts, or SCBA they would be willing to share, please forward it along to Thanks!
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    biggravy, check out the firehouse podcasts they are good info especially the ones brian aka BC-79er has done. Also print off a copy of the firegrant program guidance, read and re-read them they are your grant bible. My understanding is that the top 2 priority items this year are turnouts & scba in that order, everything else scores less. You also have a better statistical chance to be awarded in the category of operationa&safety than vehicles. In each category that you apply for DHS is looking for complete soultions :ie replacement of all non-compliant [old] turnouts etc. as for scba they determine number eligible based on seating positions of your apparatus. hope this helps. EBFD-624

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