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    We are applying for the 2007 grant. We currently have 8 Scott 2.2 bought in 99. We have four scott packs that can no longer be flow tested. I was getting suggestions on whether to upgrade the 99 packs to current standard and put in for 4 new packs to replace the old/obselete packs. If so do they allow air pack upgrades and where to you put it in the grant. I guess it would go under other and than explain what you are getting. Are upgardes the way to go or buy 12 new packs.

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    Upgrading your current SCBA & purchasing 4 new SCBA would be the way to go. This will provide the best cost/benefit vs. buying all new. More than likely the AFG will not replace the SCBA that are 8 years old.

    We did this in 2004 with upgrading 21- 9 year old Scott 4.5's and purchased 4 new SCBA for seated poitions without them. This method saved about $60,000 over purchasing all new SCBA. Show this as an option in your narrative to prove the savings.

    You list the upgrades under "Other PPE". This is what I used for the explanation (updated to reflect the new standard),
    Upgrade SCBA's to meet NFPA 1981 2007 edition and provide compatibility with new SCBA.

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    That is what I thought would be the right thing to do. We got the grant in 2002 for PPE but have added 15 new members since than. Our operating for the passed 5 years has been the same of 21000.00 and we spend out in the 30000.00 range. We only survive today on funds the older guys saved thru cutting and doing things the best way the could and saving all the could.County started billing for EMS service and our donations and fund rasiers dropped ten fold with no increase in funds. We mutual aid 6 different depts. And gave mutual aid over 40 times last year. We all get the same budget whether you have 10 guys or 50 or you run 50 calls or 1000 calls. Same budget and it is tight. Thanks for your imput and good luck to all.

    All in botherhood

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