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    Exclamation radio problems

    Hi there...
    I'm a reporter looking for help...I have a tipster that says the EF Johnson 5100 has caused real problems (putting people's lives at risk).

    Has anyone experienced problems with the EF Johnson 5100?

    I understand several agencies have used Homeland Security funding to get these radios.

    Paul Aker

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    The problem that you're probably talking about has nothing to do with a particular radio make or model (although I could be wrong, if you're going after another, unrelated problem).

    See this link for more information:

    Public safety communication problems are rarely the result of a particular brand of radio causing problems. The problems usually have to do with system design (or lack thereof). Please don't attack one particular brand of radio without fully understanding the big picture.

    Homeland security money has been used across the country to purchase radios that use digital modulation. All of these digital radios have the potential issue described in the link above. It is not a matter of radio brand, but of the technology being used, which in most cases, comes from a standard that was put forth by APCO.

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    My first thought was to write something humorous, but knowing the press, it would not be taken that way.

    The Johnson 5100 radios have no more, nor no less, issues than any other radio. Time to find another tree to bark at.

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