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    Question Confined space equipment. Firefighting equipment or Firefighter PPE category?

    Our department is applying for confined space equipment. Airhose, air cart, escape bottles.
    My question is: Does this fit under the firefighting equipment or the firefighter personal protective equipment category?

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    The equipment would fall under firefighting equipment.

    Take note of the following from the PG in regards to "new mission" vs. "new risk".

    For the 2007 program year, the criteria development panel has recommended that DHS make a distinction between “new missions ” and “new risks.” A department takes on a new mission when it expands services into areas not previously offered, such as a fire department seeking funding to provide emergency medical services for the first time. A “new risk” presents itself when a department must address risks that have materialized in the department’s area of responsibility, for example, the construction of a chemical plant. An organization taking on “new risks” will be afforded higher consideration than departments taking on a “new mission.” However, applicants who ’s grant request succeeds in reaching the second level of ompetition, the peer review, can mitigate the impact of “New Missions ” on the competitiveness of their application by providing evidence that the department will be able to support and sustain the new mission beyond the period of grant.

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