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    Default RF blocking paint

    Here's an article on paint used to block wi-fi signals. It would be interesting to find out what effect this may have on us and our radios.


    Wi-Fi Blocking Paint
    Mon Mar 26, 2007 11:39PM EDT
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    My wireless network is very protected, thanks to my husband who takes plenty of preventive measures that keep intruders out of our network. The Gadget Hound also taught us a thing or two about the subject in this post, in which a reader's concern prompted him to ask more about Wi-Fi scamming. If you haven't changed the default name and password on your network, you're contributing to your network's susceptibility to malicious attacks, so don't be surprised when intruders—either neighbors or strangers parked outside your home—bog down your network with spam, or illegal downloads. Like Tom said, the best way to keep those intruders out is by enabling WEP or WPA encryption on your network by changing the password on your router. Chris has a step-by-step guide on how to do this too.

    SEC Technologies has another option: wireless blocking paint. One coat of this paint "creates an electromagnetic fortress by preventing airborne hackers from intercepting signals." Sounds a little too much like something the government would be interested in, and less like a technology that would benefit the average Wi-Fi user who has already ditched the landline over a cell phone. The Register thinks the RF-proof paint would be put to good use in movie theaters, or similar places where cell phones interruption is frowned upon. EM-SEC currently sells laptop inserts and phone holsters with an electromagnetic shield that restricts the detection of Wi-Fi signals, which is another option that might deter laptop thieves. What a great idea.

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    Rumor is that Wal-Mart uses this in their supercenters to limit cell phone reception. Obviously I have no proof, but certainly and interesting thought about field units transmitting out. We typically assign our first-due engine chauffer to relay all info to dispatch (because he will be the one outside pumping the truck), so that certainly helps.

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    Don't forget to take into consideration that Wi-Fi operates in the microwave spectrum, so it may not necissarily harm our communications.
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