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    All right, Received a gift of a 7lb Ham. It's frozen, raw and in need of some cookin'. I was thinking of smoking it but don't have a smoker. Any one out there ever build one and have some directions. I love to grill but just don't think grilling a 7lb ham is the way to go. Thanks in advance for help!!


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    When I read the thread title, it brought back some realllyyyy old memories of my time with the Armoured Corps. At the middle and end of every major excercise one Squardon would host a "Smoker", which in effect was a BBQ, with all the fix'ns. The last summer I spent in Wainwright with the LdSH(RC), my Squadron hosted, and we did a real pig roast.... well ... ok we tried. No one really knew what they were doing, and what was left after the charcoal had been removed..... well it tasted like pork.... mostly. LOL

    "Ok, the pig is beyond burnt, pass me a beer will ya?"
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    Well I know its alot more than what you need, but here's what we built at our station. Might give you the ideas for a smaller version. Its designated Smoker#1.

    What you can see in the pic is wood burn boxes on each side, and then vents are made into the top of the smoke area.

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