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    Smile ? on Target capabilities

    Another new question in the app this year found in the narrative portion is the Target Capabilities. We are appling for a SCBA compressor and station generator, technically it could fit all the areas. But, I am not sure how far to push it. Help!

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    Per the application:

    Please indicate which of these Target Capabilities your request outlined in this application will satisfy. Check all that apply:
    Based on the info provided 3 areas will be satisfied:

    Responder Safety & Health
    Firefighting Ops/Support

    I think the other 3 might be stretching it unless the SCBA compressor is a mobile unit then Haz Mat response, Search & Rescue would be good. I'm not sure how you would tie EMS into it, unless you had equipment to fill O2 bottles etc. requiring electricty to function.

    What ever you check off should be addressed in the narrative.
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