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    Default Carbon Monoxide monitoring.

    I've already posted a similar question on the EMS forum but it's probably more relevant here. Is anyone monitoring suspected CO levels in staff or patients 'at the scene'?
    Here in the UK some recent high profile CO poisoning cases have highlighted weaknesses in the process of recording and reporting these incidents.
    As a result we are planning a trial of the pre-hospital monitoring of patients potentially suffering smoke inhalation, suspected CO poisoning from faulty heating appliances, multiple casualty presentation of unknown aetiology and any potential first responder exposure to CO.
    We have identified two machines for recording CO levels, Bedfonts' Toxco+ breath CO monitor and Masimos' RAD57 pulse CO-Oximeter, both have pros and cons so we would be gratefull for any feedback or ideas regarding either the kit or the theory and practice of pre-hospital CO monitoring.

    Best wishes.
    John Mullin
    London Ambulance Service.

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    Where I'm at (California), we haven't seen any one using this yet. It is an interesting technology but it's fairly new and somewhat expensive. I think that eventually it will be accepted as standard of care.
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    The only one I've seen is over 750$ US. We have a single gas MSA monitor set for CO on all of our ambulances. It is attached to the jump bags, and it goes on everyrun with us.

    Until the technology comes down in price, we are sticking with ambient air monitoring, for now...

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    Default RAD 57's

    We just recently obtained 3 RAD 57's, we find them beneficial for CO calls as well as after a fire to check CO levels in our firefighters

    Cheers from Canada

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    Default carbon monoxide monitoring

    we currently use two one is a breathilizer its integrated into a baccarat single gas co monitor it has been on the market for some time. We also use the Rad57. Both work well recently used both for the same patient and results were indentical. The baccarat is nice because it is a multitasker. The Rad57 is also nice if you get the add on for carboxyhemoglobin for cyanide exposure.
    So pip pip and cheerio from here in the states

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