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    Default Getting into volunteer EMS in Houston

    I moved to Houston about 2 years ago. Prior to that, I was involved with a volunteer squad in Virginia for 5.5 years, most of the time as an EMT-I. I stopped running EMS when I moved to Texas. That was mostly because I had no time to do it, but also because of the drop in skill level that I would have had to take going from an I-99 state to an I-85 state.

    I will have more time starting in a few months, and I am thinking strongly about getting back into EMS. It would definitely be as a volunteer, as I am a graduate student and that requires as much if not more time than a full-time job.

    So with that in mind I have several questions to start off.

    I need to find a good volunteer EMS agency. I want to run calls, so it should be relatively busy. I live inside the loop in Houston, but do not mind driving 30-45 minutes for a good agency. A department that would be willing to pay for me to get training in return for a volunteer commitment would also be appreciated, and also leads me to my second question.

    My EMT-I has expired since I got out of EMS but my Virginia EMT-B cert is still good for a couple of years; I have never been NREMT certified at any level. I think I am eligible for reciprocity in Texas, but I am not sure. Does anybody know the process for getting reciprocity in Texas?

    Also, I want to be able to practice as a medic, so I am looking for a paramedic class in the Houston area. It would need to be evenings and/or weekends to work with my schedule.

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    Try www.texasemt.com

    There are several people on that forum that are in your area. Someone should be able to help you. Good luck!!
    Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

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    Default also these might help.....

    THEFIRENUT is correct, that is a great site !

    also, we are still building our links for the gulf coast area, you might check that out.

    here is the link

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    Cypress Creek EMS on the north side has volunteers.
    Galveston FD "The Big House"
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