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    Default Need background help.

    Question: Is prior psychological testing accessible to background investigators?
    I was involved in a psych test about 3 years ago in which I did not pass and I am involved in an extensive background investigation now for another position. I am wondering if the background investigator can go back to my psych test and see information that I gave on that test and in the meeting with the psychologist. I have since gone through another psych. test and passed successfully getting the job and I don't want prior failing to screw me up now. I have to list any place in which I was involved in a hiring process and was not chosen to move forward so they would have all the information about the previous department. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you very much.

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    Default backgrounds

    Backgrounds are not as deep as you think. They usually look for run-ins with the law and such. Psyc test usually are not look at. They usually say...Have ever been cited or convicted of a crime. If they ask then you should tell them. Never try to hide anything they ask you for. If you do then they can disqualify you.

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