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    Default Up Coming Jobs in TX

    Does anyone know of any upcoming jobs in tx??? i'm a ff/emt-b.

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    Google TCFP, the click on employment.

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    Default Testing in Texas

    How does one from out of state go about testing in Texas? I heard you have to go to a state academy, is that true? What else does one need to do?

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    there are tons and TONS of academies to go to here.... . Most places want you certified before you get hired... the ones that will put you though school, you better be in the top 1% to get hired there.

    Just test test test.... doesnt matter where you live at.

    I believe the city of Irving has guys who FLY in from Oklahoma to work. Yeah... you read that right. They fly in.

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    You can also get reciprocity in TX if you have IFSAC fire certs. The TCFP website outlines that also. I believe FF I, FF II, and HAZMAT Ops will get you a TCFP Basic Firefighter Cert if they are IFSAC accredited. Also check into EMS reciprocity. Almost all of the smaller departments require you to have both a fire and an EMS cert before applying. Even some big city depts (houston comes to mind) will put you through a "fast track" program if you are certified (provided you pass all of the tests and get hired of course). Best of luck. PM me if you want more info.


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