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    Default In Search of Chicago Fire/Paramedic Memorial Park

    I understand that the City of Chicago has created a park in memory of the fallen fire and paramedic personell that have fallen in years past. My family has been looking for it for a while, but haven't been able to pin down a location. My Great-grandfather was a Chicago Firefighter that lost his life in the line of duty in 1921. We were hoping to find the monument and see if his name had been included. Any information would be helpful.

    Thanks much,
    Steve Deasy

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    Default Chicago Fire Dept. Memorial Park

    Hey Steve,

    I am a board member of the CFD Gold Badge Society and a planning committee member for the CFD Fallen Firefighter & Paramedic Memorial Park.
    Sorry that you have had difficulty locating the park. The park is located on the lakefront adjacent to McCormick Place Lakeside Center.

    According to our records we have a brick in our Memorial Plaza for Captain Patrick Deasy, October 15th, 1921. Please let me know your contact info and if you or a relative live in the area or if would like us to photograph the brick and send you photos of the park via email.

    Please email me at cfdgoldbadge@aol.com.

    Thank you, Allyson Murphy

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