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    Question Suction Hose on a Zico Tank Lift

    How many (if any at all) of you either have a tanker or have seen a tanker that has hard suction hose(s) installed on the Zico tank lift? I know that Zico doesn't exactly like the idea of additional weight being added above and beyond the intended purpose of the lift.

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    We have a new Pumper-tanker on order that will have (1) length 6" suction mounted on the porta tank rack. It was our dealer that mentioned that we should spec it that way. I was looking at Zico specs and the lift mechanism is rated at 1000lbs each. A aluminum frame 2100 gal porta-tank weighs 165lbs.
    Could not find a weight on suction hose, but Im guessing the old rubber 6" would be around 50lbs a lenght. We are going with the Kochek light weight suction. Of course you would have to figure in the weight of the material to build the porta tank rack, but still you should be well below the 1000lbs limit.

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    Default Suction added

    I have seen a tanker with this spec added on the tank rack for 1 15' length of 6" suction, mounted on top in the closed (up) position. Built as an adder at the truck builder in New Brunswick, Canada, the dept. that got it likes it very well.

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