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    Smile help we have a lady that stole our money

    we just started our auxilary one year ago, the lady that become president was also on the fire department, her and her husband were kicked off the department for not showing up to meetings, calls, training events, and anything else. instead of setting up an account to put our money in she kept putting it off at our meetings now she has $350 of our money she won't give back, we have sent her 2 certified letters and she responded to the first said she would mail us a check, it has been 10 days she has yet to send the money what should we do

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    Sorry for the lateness of this reply - hopefully you have recovered the money by now.

    If not, the only suggestion I have is - CALL THE POLICE.

    Good luck,
    Brian K. Savage
    Fire Commissioner
    Swanton, VT

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