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    Default Extrication Class Questions.

    I'm going to be taking the basic and advanced extrication classes at the Illinois Fire Service Institute's annuel fire college. I was wonderin what these classes entail? I was also wondering what I can get out of the classes?

    Thanks: JP

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    Well...you will probably learn basic and advance auto extrication skills.

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    Not sure how it is there in Illinois. But, here in Vermont, Vehicle Rescue A is the first one. We start with the "life cycle". This covers how the call should go from start to finish.
    Discussing, scene safety, golden hour, stabilization, disentanglement, etc..
    We'll then go over vehicle construction, that includes air bags and restraint systems. Followed by tools (hand and non-mechanized ones first.)
    The second day is usally field work, actually "cutting" cars. But, with hand tools used for most of it.

    The advanced class (Veh. Res. B) is the use of "power" tools. We again touch on the life cycle and a bit more advanced vehicle construction (Hybrids & Alternate Fuel). Also, air bag use (high and low pressure). Advanced stabilization (for example ResQ Jacks). The rest of the class is field work. There the vehicles may not always be in normal positions. Some on their sides, roofs, under rides, etc...

    You can get a lot out of the class.....just be sure to get involved.....
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    Thanks for the response Waterbry. I talked to some guys who took the class last year and I believe it will be alot like you said.

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