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    Question oral interview Q and hair cut ?

    Question for anyone who has sat on or taken oral board please reply? I have always had a short style hair cut but I just shaved my head, not shiney bald but like a #1 so its short. Does anyone think that the hair cut at oral interviews to be a problem? Should i go back to the short style fot the interview? If hired I will most likey reshave it for the academy. Thanks for the info cause time is running out if I have to start growing the hair back.

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    Short is fine for your orals. What we don't like is the long style i.e. in a pony tail etc. A nice hair cut before you enter your orals is important...but it's how you do on your oral exam that counts.

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    Your looking for a seamless not surprises interview. In the first few seconds panel members can make snap blink of the eye decisions about you and your appearence. Is the bald thing going to work in your favor?

    One of our lady friends told us recently she had her first "Bald Date". She said it like it was a hurdle.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

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    As long as the hair style is clean and well kept it will be O.K. But if you are trying to find one that will have the best impression on the panel, I think something that looks like a military cut is best.

    But understand the suit you wear, the hair cut you have, the paper your resume is on, were the chair sits in the room doesn't have very much to do with your getting hired, it's what comes out of you mouth. It's great you want to put your best foot forward, and you should keep trying to make that best first impression. But remember, like Jay said, spending most of you time getting good at you interview, not looking good is what is most important.

    Good Luck, Cpt Rob
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