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    Default need Some Grant Info Help Please

    To all the grant gurus here, I am asking for a bit of help with some infor for our grant application.

    We are applying for a station vehicle exhaust extraction system, gear washer, station generator and 10 sets of gear.

    I am looking for the appropriate NFPA numbers, OSHA Regs or other applicable New York State standards to reference in the grant application. It is our hope to tie the items together and demonstrate a need for the requested items.

    1. Our fire hall is attached to the office portion of the Village Hall. Also the Town Assesor, Code enforcement, A volunteer Loan organization (wheelchairs and stuff) and a community use room above our truck bays. We also have a second hall that is on the other side of the parking lot ( 75 feet away) that also houses are front line response equipment. We want the vent system for both buildings and the generator for the second, as it currently does not have one, as the Village Hall is already set up with a generator.

    2. We are also requesting 10 sets of gear to replace 10 sets that are out of compliance, and are still being used by active firefighters. This gear is exposed to the exhaust fumes in the truck bays, and is unfortunatly seldom washed. The gear washer would be used to help extend the life, and use of the gear.

    3. We are requesting the ten sets, as that will bring all of our active guys into compliance with NFPA rated gear. At this time we are planning to request head to toe replacement for this grant.

    Thanks for any related NFPA sections, OSHA or other info that you think may be helpful.

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    I am no expert, but the problem you will run into is pulling all of your requests together and making a good comprehensive explanation for several different and unrelated requests. What you need to do is decide what is the highest priority and the biggest danger to your firefighters. Is it vehicle exhaust, no backup electrical system, or lack of adequate PPE? While you probably could make a case for any of the three, trying to make a case for all items will be difficult because you must make specific arguments for each item. Also each request will be scored seperately so ultimately you could worsen your chances for award because making a good argument for 4 or 5 items will prove very difficult.

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    I would have to agree here...go for the gear washer and the gear. PPE affords a higher priority and the gear washer goes well with it. The vehicle exhaust system and generator really don't go together nor do they go with the PPE.

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