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    Thumbs down Green party candidate says pro 9/11 column just symbolic

    This just makes me sick! I'm embarrassed to live in the same province as this mutt.

    Green party candidate says pro 9/11 column just symbolic
    13/04/2007 10:58:53 PM
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    A federal Green party candidate in British Columbia said the media have mischaracterized the meaning of a column he wrote in which he appeared to cheer on the Sept. 11 attacks.

    CBC News

    Kevin Potvin, who runs a magazine store in Vancouver, was acclaimed as the party's candidate in Vancouver-Kingsway. But he has sparked controversy over a column he wrote in 2002 entitled A Revolting Confession.

    He said that "when I saw the first tower cascade down ...

    "When the visage of the Pentagon appeared on the TV with a gaping and smoking hole in its side ... I felt an urge to pump my fist in the air."

    He added that "whenever I passed a TV or newspaper with a report on the ensuing U.S. war to capture Osama bin Laden, I secretly said to myself, 'Go, Osama, Go!'"

    But on Friday, after parts of his column were reproduced in the media, Potvin told reporters in a brief statement: "I apologize for the way my essay five years ago has been characterized in the media.

    "Some sentences, out of their context, may appear insensitive," he said.

    Potvin said he was revolted by the Sept. 11 attacks and that he's for peace, not war.

    'On symbolic level'

    In an interview with the Canadian Press, Potvin said he didn't mean he was dismissing the deaths.

    "If you read the story that I wrote, you'll notice that I'm talking about it on a symbolic level," he said.

    "I go to great pains to make clear that I'm not talking about the deaths of anybody. After all, as you can imagine, I'm a human being. I'm a father, I'm a hockey dad, I'm a businessman, I'm a community leader. I'm obviously not going to be revelling in the deaths of anybody."

    Green party Leader Elizabeth May said she found his statements "shocking," adding that she would not sign his nomination papers if "those reflect his real views."

    Potvin was acclaimed as the candidate for the east Vancouver riding of Vancouver-Kingsway, a seat currently held by Conservative MP David Emerson.

    With files from the Canadian Press

    Read this for more ... especially the comments!

    April 12, 2007
    Potvin reacts to his "revolting confession"


    And the original column "Revolting Confession":


    Revolting is right

    There are other "gems" if you dig deep enough in the links provided.
    September 11th - Never Forget

    I respect firefighters and emergency workers worldwide. Thank you for what you do.

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    No sweat, calgary.

    We still have Gordon Sinclair's immortal words from a few decades back.

    The Americans
    "Yeah, but as I've always said, this country has A.D.D." - Denis Leary


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