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    Default need help with an SCBA cost numbers

    First off we would like to gear this towards scott however if you know of any of the other companys offering cant refuse numbers for the same options ill listen, and im talkin the major players MSA, drager. Heres what were lookin for, a price on an SCBA with bottle and a spare, HUD, intigrated pass alarm, voice amp, and possibly the rit connection that can be an option, were also looking at 4500psi. now with the masks we issue everyone their own personal one my question is will there be any included with the SCBA package or will they all have to be bought seperatly for the scotts wed be goin to the AV3000...other manufacturers im not familiar with what they offer so as long as it has what i stated above for specs its good. This is what we currently use incase youd like to know, the AP50 frame with all transferred 2.2 components (we took our old 2.2s and got carbon bottles and the new frame and transferred everything so we still have the old silver metal regulators) and were currently running 2216s. with the AV2000 facepiece. Like i said im lookin for numbers on the above specs just ballpark would be alright and diff manufacturers would be alright just maintain that spec. Were looking to apply for a grant to replace our SCBAs and would like to know what were lookin at for cost. Also if our old packs and bottles can be traded in for money?? Any help would be good whether its on the cost of the pack if you have something similar how much did it cost and any help on applying for the grant what to look out for ANY help would be much appreciated!! thank you!

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    Default MSA Cost

    I'm not exactly sure what your question is but:

    I just finished a grant application for new NFPA 1981 - 2007 compliant MSA air packs. Our dealer quoted me $5600 for air pack complete with mask and carbon fiber bottle + $975 for an extra carbon bottle. Extra masks where $420 a piece including the heads up display receiver.

    Keep in mind that anything you ask for in a FIRE ACT grant must be compliant with the newest NFPA standard. In the case of air packs the last revision of NFPA 1981 was in February or March of 2007.

    Any air pack you buy is going to have most all the options that you listed (HUD, PASS, RIT connections) these "options" have all been made (among others options) part of the newest NFPA 1981 standard and hence really aren't "options" anymore. This stuff is just part of the air pack.

    That being said - I don't know of any air pack manufacturer that currently has completed the testing to meet the new standard and has an air pack that is on the market and compliant with the new revision of NFPA 1981.

    Our dealer told us that to refurbish our current 12 year old MSA packs to the new NFPA 1981 - 2007 standard (once the parts become avaliable), would be more then the cost of a new pack. Hence not really an option.

    So for us, with our MSAs - to meet the guidelines of the grant and end up with a NFPA compliant pack we have to go brand new.

    Also keep in mind that just saying your air packs are currently not compliant with the newest standards (technically, all air packs currently in use are not compliant with the newest standard) is NOT justification for a successful grant. WARN, DAMAGED, OBSOLETE, OR UNSAFE (among other things) IS what justifies a successful grant.

    Weather or not your old stuff is worth anything is totally dependent on the local market. A neighboring department got an air pack grant and they ended up giving there old air packs away because they could find anyone to buy them after holding onto them for a year.

    I would recommend you find a Scott dealer (or MSA or whoever) and talk to them. Any dealer should be more then willing to sit down and help you figure out what you need. After all if you are successful getting a grant then you'll have lots of money to spend on air packs, so it is in a dealers best interest to be nice to you. Take advantage of that! Use your dealer as a resource to learn whats out there now and what is coming.
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