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    Default How do you secure your LDH?

    I'd like to see if anyone has any ideas how to secure LDH to the tailboard of an apparatus? We have a 4X4 Pierce EnForcer that sits high off the ground and we need to bring our 4 inch supply line down to the tailboard. Also any ideas on how to secure our 2 1/2 inch nozzles that are pre-connected to the rear of the apparatus, I'd love to get them off the hose bed and closer to the ground while keeping them secure. Photo's would be great if you have any. Thanks Ed

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    Zephyr Makes a whole bunch of brackets for mounting nozzles and couplings on the tailboard or side panels of your rig.


    Beware it is a horrible website.

    Alternately, a standard Storz coupling mount would probably do the trick for the LDH, and many suppliers sell a variety of them. For the nozzles, there are a lot of different cup style, or grip style holders out there as well.
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    Thanks MAC..I haven't seen the Zeyphr line of holders. We've been using Performance Advantage Company for most of our mounts and a few from Ziamatic. Thanks for sending me in the right direction. Any Photos? Ed

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    If someone wants to pay a ton of money for a specialized bracket, and they have it to spend, all the power to them.

    Why not just pull about 12 feet off, loop it down through the rear grab handle and let it hang about 2 or 3 feet and then loop it back up and over the grab handle? It has worked for us for a long time, as well as countless other engine companies out there that I can think of.
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    Default Hose Restraint Strap

    Fire Research Products has a hose restraint strap called the "Jack Strap". This may be an inexpensive way of solving your problem. http://www.fireresearch.com/product.php?id=jsa100

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    haha I like their product description:

    JACKSTRAP Hose Straps
    The JackStrap helps prevent unplanned hose lays by...
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    Our LDH is attached to a manifold that is stored in the rear compt. We have nothing but LDH stuff in that compt and it has a roll up door of which the door shuts over the hose and it works fine. If you have a manfold they make a post to put the manifold with the hose attached to it on.

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    Some trucks don't have grab handles that are horizontal. We have the grab handles on the sides of the truck and none in the middle. And it is a new truck.
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    Our grab handle is mounted about 8 feet off the ground as it's a 4 wheel drive truck, it would be very awkward to try to unloop the LDH from such a height. So we're trying to find something safer for all. Sometimes a few dollars is well spent on safety as you never know what will happen down the road. Ed

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    Here's a cheap but effective way if you have a hydrant valve preconnected to your 5"

    12"x12" Alum base plate, 1/4 thick
    3" round pipe, 14" long

    Pipe welded onto the base plate, plate secured to tailboard at the corners with 3/8" nuts/bolts.

    The hose goes right on the pipe, and the excess hose is secure with a bungee cord.

    Total cost of less than $100.00

    I'll get pics up when I get home from work tommorrow.

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    Take the last section of hose and make yourself a layout pack. Lay every section in the hose bed like you would the previous, and with the last one do a flat hose load that is only about 8 feet long with VERY TIGHT folds. Get yourself a section of rope with a hook on the end and a loop on the other, wrap it around the "layout pack" and then put the hook over one of your grab rails...

    To deploy it all you have to do is grab the hook and rope, pull, drop, and drive. Usually the 50' length (or 100' if you prefer...) is enough weight to stay secure and not get pulled.
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