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    Default Training dummies

    Our rescue service does a lot of EMS training and first responder, EMT-B classes each year. Upto now we have used the old Annie dolls. They have seen their day in the sun and need to be retired. We are looking at getting the new simulation dummies that mimic real life medical problems. My question is does it make more sense to get one very expensive dummie that can be used for extensive BLS and ALS training. Or is it better to get 4 or 5 of the less expensive dummies that are designed for specific training purposes? (example adult medical PT, adult Trauma PT, child medical pt, infant medical pt, and child birth simulator.) We can get all five of these for about the same price as one of the others. Would AFG even fund 5 dummies?
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    Would AFG even fund 5 dummies?
    They must, I've been funded more time than that.

    We have one of the laptop controlled suckers that does all sorts of things. We had one gung ho guy that ran it for training, then he moved back to Canada and it's pretty much come out once a year if that. A lot of the medics liked it for the cardiac rhythms, good practice. Us B's don't get as much out of it.

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    I'm in pretty much the sme boat as you. We conveted an old Annie doll about 5 years ago to due intubations and IV's but its time to update and be able to due more.

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    Every time i see the header for this post---i think they're talking about how to teach me stuff!!

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