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    Default Not finishing the written exam with time to spare ?

    For those of you having difficulty completing the written examination or finishing the exam with just 5-10 minutes left, here is a suggestion to help you complete your exam more smoothly. Many examinations are divided into testing subjects; for example, you will find Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Mechanical, Judgment, etc. If your strong point is Mathematics, go to that section of the examination first and complete the Mathematics questions, making sure that you are marking the correct corresponding answer on your answer key. This method will give you a confidence boost and lower your anxiety. This goes for any subject. If you are better at Reading Comprehension, go to that section first and get it out of the way. If you are better at Mechanical, do those questions first. Your goal is to not get bogged down in a section where you don't feel confident, and then panic when you see that time is getting short. By following this test-taking strategy where possible, you will find that the exam goes smoother and you save time for the more difficult sections.

    If you want to start getting that competitive edge immediately over your competition, our 14 day FREE e-mail series covers the written, psychological, oral interview and physical agility.

    This e-mail series will guide you step by step through the maze of the testing process to help you shorten that learning curve between you and that coveted badge.

    As soon as you sign-up you will receive the first e-mail with important inside secrets. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!! Go to the link below for our 14 day e-mail series sign-up. Good luck !!

    Click here: http://www.fireprep.com/test_drive_o..._email_se.html
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