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    Has anyone had any experience with resqteks's line of extrication tools? I saw them at FRI 2006 and was very impressed but I havent met anyone with real life experience with their tools.

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    I've used them extensively in some pretty good drills(we use heavy equipment to bend cars into real life scenerios)and I'm quite favorably impressed.We're a Holmatro dept but the G4 combi of resQteks was a VERY nice tool with several improvements over it's predecessor. I'd try to arrange for a demo so you can form your own opinion. T.C.

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    We tested the ResQtec line of hydraulic tools at our department, in a head to head evaluation against the brand that we currently use. We were impressed enough to purchase a G6 cutter, and a "Q" pedal cutter.

    I am hoping that we will consider the purchase of the Fx 6 combi tool in the near future.

    I would encourage your department to set up an evaluation with the tools you are considering for purchase, and test them for yourselves.

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