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    Default LODD in Prince William County Virginia

    There isn't too much information out yet, but....

    WOODBRIDGE, VA. (WUSA) -- 9NEWS NOW has confirmed that a Prince William firefighter has died fighting a house fire this morning.

    According to sources, the firefighter is a relatively recent hire. Read More

    I will try to keep VAFireNews.com updated on the story.

    There is footage of the fire here: http://news.wjla.com/news/stories/0407/414774.html
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    County fire officials confirmed that Kyle R. Wilson is the career firefighter who died this morning.

    NFI at this time.

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    RIP Brother.

    Our thoughts are with the family.

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    Default Kyle Wilson

    The information on Kyle Wilson is online at www.VAFireNews.com. Check it out:


    Rest in Peace, and God Bless all of those involved.

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    Default Wow

    Being a former member of the "Career" side in the PWC and now a Volunteer. I must say that this is the most shocking and eye opening experience I have dealt with in my 11 years in the service. Fire thank you so much for your posts. That tid bit of info was helpful and I personally say "Thank You" As for station 12 "OWL" My heart is heavy as they are like brothers to me. Once again this only goes to show that we never know when the lord will call us home..God Bless and THANK YOU Kyle for your selfless service to us all

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    I went home sick early yesterday, so I got these msgs a bit late.... Something of an update maybe?

    A very somber day has be-fallen our state. Early this morning a Prince William firefighter was killed while fighting a single family house fire.
    The fire fighter was killed after a flashover occured and the house suffered a partial collapse. The fireman was struck by falling debris. And then as everyone knows the horrible shooting down at Virginnia Tech. I ask that all members keep the families of the victims in their prayers. Please take the time to get in touch with your fellow members and see if they have friends or family that attend Tech and offer your help, condolences, or even a shoulder for them to lean on.
    As off this afternoon there are no known arraingements for the fallen brother fireman. Please check your e-mails for this information. When the arraingements do come out I ask that all companies please send personnel to the services, if they are open to the public.
    Wilson, Kyle Robert
    Age: 24
    Cause of Death: Caught or Trapped
    Rank: Firefighter - Technician One
    Nature of Death: Unknown
    Classification: Career
    Emergency Duty: Yes
    Incident Date: 04/16/2007
    Duty Type: On-Scene Fire
    Incident Time: 06:02
    Activity Type: Search and Rescue
    Death Date: 04/16/2007
    Fixed Prop. Use: Residential
    Fire Dept. Info: Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue
    1 County Complex Court
    Prince William , Virginia 22192
    Chief: Mary Beth Michos

    Initial Summary: Firefighter Wilson arrived on scene of a working
    residential (inhabited) structure fire in Woodbridge (15000 block, Marsh Overlook Drive; grid 18SUH0376). Initial reports indicate that Wilson and his rescue-ladder truck officer were performing search and rescue of the dwelling on the second floor. Wilson became disoriented and separated from the officer, activating his Mayday distress alarm and signaling Mayday over the radio. The severity of the fire quickly worsened, weather conditions were extremely windy. With rapid fire progress and a partial collapse of the structure, other firefighters were unable to rescue Firefighter Wilson who passed away on scene from injuries. Two other firefighters were reportedly injured. All seven of the structure's occupants escaped the fire unharmed.
    Memorial Fund Info: Pending

    My apologies if any of this is a repeat....my head is more than just a little fuzzy inside today.

    But more importantly is my prayers and best wishes to the families, both work and personal who are involved with these events.

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    How unfortunate.. My thoughts go out to the family and the fire dept.

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    Default Kyle Wilson Memorial

    My condolences to the Wilson family and the Prince William County Department of Fire & Rescue. FireFighter Technician I Kyle Wilson, 24, a 2 year veteran of the Prince William County Department of Fire & Rescue, died Monday April 16, 2007. Kyle was searching with Lieutenant Jason Reese for victims on the second floor of a heavily involved residential structure fire in Woodbridge when the roof and ceiling collapsed. Kyle was seperated from his partner and trapped during the partial collapse. Lt. Reese was burned and two other firefighters were injured during the rescue attempt, but crews were unable to reach Kyle. I have created a permanent memorial for Kyle on my website. More news, information, and photos can be found at:

    If there is any additional information or photos you would like added to this memorial, please contact me.

    Stay Safe

    Shawn McDonald

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    RIP. We're all thinking of you

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    Prince William County, in cooperation with representatives from other jurisdictions, put together a great report and video combining video, stills and graphics from the fire that took Brother Wilson from us.

    Check it out:
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