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    Default Greetings from Maryland!

    Hi all!

    Decided to register today so I can perhaps get a little further in my quest....

    My main interest in this site is to perhaps network with other "dog" people, I am really wanting to get in to starting young dogs for arson detection.

    Having experience in starting (and in some cases finishing but not certifying) dogs for PDK9 type work, I am really interested in learning more about accelerant detection work with K9's.

    End goal is to raise and select some young dogs from a future litter to donate to departments in need.

    Look forward to learning more, and "meeting" you all..

    By the way, BIG THANKS to all you who do serve!


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    Hello from Indiana and welcome to the forum.

    Brady Lewis
    Spanish 4 Emergencies
    Spanish Language Training for First Responders

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    Hello from Texas. If you lie down with dogs..............

    I feel sorry for your dogs Just kidding. Welcome aboard. There is some great information in here. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
    Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

    Aggressive does not have to equal stupid.

    ** "The comments made here are this person's views and possibly that of the organizations to which I am affiliated" **

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    Welcome from Canada
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