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    Default CEDAP 2007 questions

    Looking over the sample application...it asks if you have received funding/equipment through UASI or AFG...if "yes" stop you are not eligible.

    Is this a fact or just in the sample?

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    The FD TIC and the amkus tools are gone as well. This will reduce the number of apps from the fire side. Time to form the task force with PD and see what we can get together.

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    Yes guys, they changed it drastically this year. A little explanation is in order here .

    CEDAP funding was orginally "re-allocated" from the LETPP ( Law Enforcement Terrorist Prevention Program). As such it orginally had been intended to allow LEAs, who were outside the UASI, areas the ability to access high tech equipment that they previously had not been able to get their hands on.

    During Phase I & II of 2006 CEDAP the weighting of law enforcement agencies to fire departments ended up being upside down at about 80-20 pro fire. Understandably, this was not the original intent of moving that money in the first place. Many of you were disappointed in this last round of awards seeing that the fire departartments now ended up getting only 20% of the awards and 80% went to law enforcement. What you are seeing in this years program is a reflection of that. Some of the changes are these:

    If you have ever received a USAI money award or an AFG award since 2005, you are no longer eligible to apply to CEDAP.

    AMKUS rescue tool is gone as well as the Bullard T-3 Thermal Imaging Camera for fire.

    The list of eligible equipment has been pared down from 37 items to only 18 now.

    Oh well, it was good while it lasted.
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    A shame to the program usually ran very efficiently, and RKB has been very good about keeping us all informed and in the loop to the best that he was allowed. Unfortunately, I didn't get anything for our FD, but the city PD did get a TIC out of the last round. Oh well. back to beating the bushes and tracking down other sources, and always the hope to geta shot at a later day.

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