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    Default Being healthy or death wish?

    We are required to do our phyiscal exercising in a make shift room in the truck bays. With all the info on diesel fumes (soot) and cancer, this seems to be a more possible danger than not working out. I'm all for being fit and in shape to this job, but in a safe manner. Any help or similiar situtions to pass on would be appreciated.

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    Are the trucks running while you're working out (or during cardio)? If they're running I assume you're grabbing your turnout gear. And in the bay anyhow (not an a bike/treadmill/etc).

    A seperate fitness room certainly is nice, particularily if fitted out with the amenities of a fitness club. So what's your solution? Anyone can bring problems, bring solutions.

    Or the poormans solution: Shut off trucks, when fumes clear, close the doors. Not rocket science. Maybe a small supplemental exhaust fan at a distance from you fitness area to suck out your BO.

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