Hi all, i've been looking around this forum for a couple months now and have learned a wealth of info. im currently in san francisco, and would someday hope to be SFFD. starting spring 08' ill be taking the 12 unit EMT course at ccsf and going out for the 6+ months exp. as a emt-1 while doing so ill be persuing the fire science tech A.S degree at ccsf, and eventualy after teh 6months exp as a emt-1 enroll in my schools Paramedic program. how is this lay out? im trying to get every cert. i possibly can befor i even voly for a department. is this wise of me? another question i have is CCSF's fire academy program im not sure of teh different they have two programs one is 7 units one is 12 units. the one that is 12 units is 5 horus a day but teh 7 unit program is Monday thru fri 8am to 5pm heres a description of teh two courses;

F SC 110. Basic Fire Academy (7)
Lec-4, lab-9 (16 wks)
Prereq.: Pass the Civil Service Examination for H-2 Firefighter; pass the physical agility examination; pass the SFFD background history investigation; pass the medical verification examination given by the SFFD Physician.
This intensive 16 week course includes principles, procedures and techniques of fire fighting. Students will learn technical and manipulative skills necessary in basic concepts of fire control, fire behavior and tactics and strategy. Students will learn laws and regulations affecting the fire service, use of fire service tools and equipment, apparatus, hose, ladders, breathing apparatus, ropes, and medical skills and equipment for EMT certification. Meets state fire marshal requirements for Firefighter 1 certification. CSU

F SC 111. Firefighter Academy (11)
Lec-8, lab-9, field trips CR/NC avail.
Includes the principles, procedures, and techniques of firefighting. Technical and manipulative skills and concepts of fire control, fire behavior, and tactics and strategy will be reviewed and put into practice during this course. The student will be trained according to the National Fire Protection Association, Standard 1001. CSU

thanx for reading my post i look forward to your replys.