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    Default Firefighters satisfied with job

    Survey Reveals Most Satisfying Jobs

    By Jeanna Bryner
    LiveScience Staff Writer
    17 April 2007

    Firefighters, the clergy and others with professional jobs that involve helping or serving people are more satisfied with their work and overall are happier than those in other professions, according to results from a national survey.

    “The most satisfying jobs are mostly professions, especially those involving caring for, teaching and protecting others and creative pursuits,” said Tom Smith, director of the General Social Survey (GSS) at the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.

    The 2006 General Social Survey is based on interviews with randomly selected people who collectively represent a cross section of Americans. In the current study, interviewers asked more than 27,000 people questions about job satisfaction and general happiness. Individuals' level of contentment affects their overall sense of happiness, Smith said.

    “Work occupies a large part of each worker’s day, is one’s main source of social standing, helps to define who a person is and affects one’s health both physically and mentally,” Smith states in a published report on the study. “Because of work’s central role in many people’s lives, satisfaction with one’s job is an important component in overall well-being.”

    Job satisfaction

    Across all occupations, on average 47 percent of those surveyed said they were satisfied with their jobs and 33 percent reported being very happy.

    Here are the Top 10 most gratifying jobs and the percentage of subjects who said they were very satisfied with the job:

    Clergy—87 percent
    Firefighters—80 percent
    Physical therapists—78 percent
    Authors—74 percent
    Special education teachers—70 percent
    Teachers—69 percent
    Education administrators—68 percent
    Painters and sculptors—67 percent
    Psychologists—67 percent
    Security and financial services salespersons—65 percent
    Operating engineers—64 percent
    Office supervisors—61 percent
    A few common jobs in which about 50 percent of participants reported high satisfaction included: police and detectives, registered nurses, accountants, and editors and reporters.

    Full article at livescience.com
    SFPD Member MABAS Division 47
    Told my wife I'm at work. Told my boss I'm sick. I'm really at the fire station.

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    I think most would agree when I say we have jobs that we would actually like to do more of(more fire). Most other jobs want to do less, while we hope for more!! I know I'm satisfied!!

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    In a twisted sense, yes, I wish I had more fire. On the other hand I don't want to see someone loose everything like that either.

    No matter what, I'm very satisfied.
    Jason Knecht
    Assistant Chief
    Altoona Fire Dept.
    Altoona, WI

    IACOJ - Director of Cheese and Whine

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    Dickey, Like you I think all of us want more fires. But I am very satisfied with my job. Wouldn't do anything else. Chris
    Galveston FD "The Big House"
    IAFF Local 571

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    Hmmm... Postal workers were not near the top in job satisfaction... That is scary. They know where we live..

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhvfd1214 View Post
    Hmmm... Postal workers were not near the top in job satisfaction... That is scary. They know where we live..
    They do?

    If that's true, then why the hell do my neighbors get my mail, and I get theirs?

    So far as job satisfaction goes, I don't think I could be any more satisfied. Unless of course, we could catch a job every single shift.
    Fire Lieutenant/E.M.T.
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    "Fir na tine"

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    Maybe your postal worker is not satisfied.

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    I won't take credit for this quote, but here it is.....

    I don't like to see anyone's house burn down, but if it does, I hope I'm around.
    These opinions are mine and do not reflect the opinions of any organizations I am affiliated with.

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    this article was also posted in PARADE magazine (i usually dont read it, but it was at the fire station and i was bored). it was called "What People Earn" and it has people accross the united stated, what they do, and how much they get paid. they had everyone from a school cafeteria worker ($5,300 a year), a few police officers (about $64,000 a year), a fire department lieutenant ($64,000 a year),Barry Zito (baseball player for SF, $18 million),Kenny Chesney (country singer, $75.9 million),Tony Dungy (NFL coach, $5 million), and so on. it has about 100 people with their jobs, where they live and how much they make. they also had a list of jobs and their median weekly pay, and according to the magazine the average weekly pay for a firefighter is $898 a week. interesting stuff

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