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    Default leave and overtime for training

    Hello, I am helping to develop a policy addressing leave usage and overtime for the attending of training classes and seminars. I am interested in how other departments handle this issue for training that requires travel (overnight) and local training that only requires local travel.

    I am specifically interested in how departments handle leave and overtime for station based (24/48) personnel, although 40 hour week info is needed also. Any help, copies of existing policies, etc. will be extremely helpful.

    When is overtime paid? How is the number of hours of overtime computed? Is overtime related to hours of instruction received? Are employees expected to 'payback' hours if instruction time is less than usual work time? Anything else?

    Thanks in advance!

    email: bhenry@cortn.org

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    We have a couple of options:
    1) If the training is in town, and not on your regular day. You get time and a half for the time you are required to attend - 8 - 5 with an hour lunch gets you 9 hours. This is generally limited to things that the department sets-up.

    2) If the training is out-of-town, and requires an overnight stay. If you get a day off of the truck, you receive your regular rate of pay as if you worked your regular shift. No overtime, but meals, mileage, and hotel expenses covered.

    3) If the class is not something the department requires, they will occassionally pay for the registration without overtime, mileage, meals, etc.

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    Our training/pay policy is essentially identical.

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    Our training lets say when a ff is off duty and comes in for a training session gets comp time. We can build our comp time up and use it 2 ways. Lets say we have a full shift and no one is off that day you can take comp time and leave and the hours you leave will be deducted from your time. Or the easy way is you can cash out comp time at the end of the year. If you're interested in hearing more or what not pm me.

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