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    Default TEEX-G.I. Bill coming soon

    Well I have a few things on my plate right now for the Army http://forums.firehouse.com/showthread.php?t=77871 .TEEX accepts the G.I. Bill for their police and basic FF courses, but for nothing else. I have been calling them for the past few months and finally got some place today. They are going to find out what needs to be done so that we can use the G.I. Bill for other classes like Officer 1, Haz Mat Tech, and other advance classes. I have a contact name and number; he even said he would look into the Army Reserve T.A. all new markets. I should find out something in a week or two. I know there are 6 Army Reserve units in Houston chomping at the bit to spend their G.I. Bill money there.

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    Just got a phone call from a named person who works at TEEX. He informed me that the associate agency director is looking into what it will take to get certifications certified by the VA. Haz Mat Tech is one of them and they are trying to get 6 other classes VA approved.
    So now its just a waiting game.

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    FRAGO, got the answer I needed.
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