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Thread: Surprised

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrParasite View Post
    As for the topic at hand, please consider several things:

    1) Career firefighters probably will not consider anyone under 18 to be a firefighter, because they don't have them in the career side of the service.

    2) At 14, Chris wasn't responding to go on the trucks. he was responding to the station to buff the call.

    3) Many adults don't understand the concept of using junior firefighters. even so, 14 is a very young age to be an active jr FF. I, personally, believe 16 should be the youngest to be on a department. but also remember that what the youngest age to join depends on the person.
    I agree with the Doc here. My dept(who's far from doing things right for the most part) doesn't even let Jr's come on before 17. And they are still limited too what calls we call go on, after you do training.
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    I support Chris and so should all other Juniors/Cadets/explorers/and regular firefighters he was one of our brothers!
    if you support Chris please sign the Chris Kangas firefighter petition

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