My name is Kenny Kaufman I am 14 years old. My father was a Firefighter in Kearny,NJ who lost a long battle with cancer on thanksgiving night. When I say long i mean it, In 2002 he got colon cancer and had to go to NYC to get a major surgery, after that every couple of months he would have seizures than they noticed he had brain tumors,from 2002-2007 he had a total of 9 and did great with 8 of them but the last one he just couldnt get back to being himself he just kept declining and in November they saw he had another brain tumor and 2 spots on his lungs and there was nothing they could do because of the condition he was in, and we lost him on thanksgiving night. But he always had a smile on his face no matter what was going on and no matter how much pain he was in, he hated seeing us down. He meant the world to me and was my role model he was a great dad and friend and worked extremely hard and loved his job. Most of my family is firefighters like my uncle is a captain at Kearny Fire Dept. and my grandfather is a retired firefighter and one and my cousins is a captain at Jersey City Fire Dept. and a couple others are fire fighters down south. I use to love it when my dad would get me Kearny Fire Department shirts and bring them home to me. What I am trying to do is collect T-shirts of different fire departments from all over to see how many I can get. It is mostly on behalf of his memory since he loved firefighting and started collected a couple shirts. So would it be possible if you would be able to send me a T-shirt of your Fire Department. It would mean so much to me and it would add to my collection. Thank you for taking your time to read my letter I really appreciate it! Also if you could pass this letter on to all your firefighting friends I would really appreciate it.

Can you please email me back soon at Shootandscore30@aol.com letting me know if you can send one and I can give you my address also I am a size large.

Stay Safe,
Kenny Kaufman

P.S. Can you also check out my website www.freewebs.com/shootandscore30 and sign the guestbook for me. Thanks !