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    Question AFG grant new ambulance

    Good morning I'm emailing to find out if anyone working for a small rural EMS non affiliated agency been succesful in aquiring an ambulance in the AFG program. This is my first time writing a grant and looking for some guidance on the best way to write a narrative that will succed. Any information, would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Narrative isn't the problem, the computer is. Only $2.5mil for EMS vehicles (ambulances only priority 1) so only giving out about 20 of them. Who, what, why no $, what good the what will do. The short-short version of narrative writing. Sorry, 'tis crunch time for me, nearly 550 apps going on.

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    I agree with bc79er. You had better have call volume in the thousands to even consider this.
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    I can tell you that a very small community nearby here was successful last year? Maybe the year before? They purchased a new ambulance, replaced one that was probably an early or mid '80's model. The community has a population of roughly 550. I can't imagine they have a call volume of even 100 calls per year?. But Brian and Kurt are correct, it is very competetive and there isn't much $ to go around. That in mind however, it's much like the lottery, you can't win if you don't buy a ticket...

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