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    Default Sole source, single source

    There are many definitions that pertain to these phrases.
    I am struggling with wording the specs the way I want, and I'll bet somebody has had experience here.

    My "intent" is to have a fire truck warranty work like an automobile. If there are warranty issues with cab, chassis, pump, tank, ect, the apparatus builder will either make repairs themselves or arrange for repairs.

    I know this sounds crazy, but has anybody ever done it?

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    This is cut-and-pasted from another thread on the main firefighters forum, which you participated in.

    Gentlemen, the last, true single source builder ceased production of fire apparatus in the mid 1980's. They are a little outfit you may have heard of- Located in Allentown, Pa. Starts with an "M" and ends with a "K". Made their own ENGINES. TRANSMISSIONS. CLUTCHES. AXLES. CABS. BODIES. FRAME RAILS. Oh wait....What about PUMPS???? Is there or was there ever a true "single source" builder? Did the boys in Clintonville make their own transmissions, axles and clutches way back in the day?

    That being said, "Single Source" is propaganda thrown out there to the drinkers of Appleton flavor, Ocala flavor, Clintonville flavor, and Nesquohoning flavored Kool-Aid. It is a myth, a fantasy generated by the "big four" in order to lure customers away from the smaller, less known builders who outsource for their chassis. It is their attempt to make the buyer feel all warm and fuzzy inside, to give them a peace of mind.

    One problem though. The buyers out there who know how to write a spec. The ones who insist on naming the body builder as the General Contractor (GC), who will handle ANY and ALL warranty claims- whether they be for paint imperfections, a leaking transmission seal, a leaking gauge at the pump panel, or a connecting rod sticking out of the engine block. The buyers who insist specifying that the GC provide a performance bond and that the GC address warranty issues in the performance bond. Insist that the GC provide, in writing, through their bid proposal AND at the contract signing, that any warranty repairs be handled directly through the appropriate vendor- such as the Cat, Cummins, or Detroit dealer. Through the Allison Dealer. Or the Eaton/Fuller dealer, or rockwell, etc etc etc......THROUGH THE GC MAKING PHONE CALLS AND DIRECT BILLING, OF COURSE!

    Single Source. You want single source? The closest you will come is a 1980 CF Mack, or perhaps a nice Anniversary Series Seagrave. If anyone on your committee says they want a single source builder, hand them a teddy bear and tell them to suck their thumb, because that will do a better job of making them sleep at night. If you truly believe single source is the way to go, enjoy your Kool-Aid!

    We just purchased a 2007 Toyne pumper built on a Spartan Gladiator chassis (see thread "Toyne Wins!" in this index). Toyne was required to be the "GC". Any and all warranty claims will be processed by them. We will pick up the phone, call Toyne, and then wait for A. The phone to ring and Toyne to say "Cat's road service will be there in an hour", or B. "Take it over to the local Waterous Repair Shop", or C. for the tow truck to show up.
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