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    Default Need Protein?

    Just wanted to pass on a website to everyone.

    Great prices on protein supplements and you can customize your protein blend.

    Sorry if this sounds like an advertisement but to those who enjoy fitness and exercise protein is so important and I wanted to pass along this website.

    Also, if you enter CRM485 as your discount code they will give you an extra 5% off.

    Good luck

    Stay Fit, Stay Healthy

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    so this is probably going to be a stupid question but i dont want to screw up my chances. Is protein alright to take i know its good at building muscle and stuff but i dont want to get in trouble with a drug test for it showing up which i dont think it will. I am not the biggest person however alot of people have been telling me that i have to bulk up in the muscle department, but i am by no means weak i will take all the insight to help me get a job and get bigger.

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    Protien supplements will never blow a drug test. Its a necessary part of your diet.

    And whoever told you that you need to 'bulk up' is a moron. Endurance and strength trumps size 100% of the time. Unless youre trying to pick up chicks at the beach. Then just keep a balled up sock in your shorts. Up front.

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