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    Default Written testing question

    Hey guys, I have a written coming up in about 2 months, and had a question about it. We were not exactly told the test's name, just that it is a written examination. Well they gave us an information paper saying it's going to be three events, and you need to score within a certain range. It states reading, observation, and team work. Not sure how to prepare for something like this. Has anyone taken one like this before, or know what to expect?

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    Mike- Pretty much every agency has different ranges and specs. for each test. There is no way for us to answer your broad questions.

    I would like to make some recomendations-

    -Know your basic math, english and memory skills. Converting fractions, percentages, etc.

    -If there is a portion of the test where a passage is read, I like to close my eyes and listen more cafefully. If I have my eyes open, they will wonder and I might miss some details..

    -Dress comfortable. This has been a long debate, but I walsy wore nice jeans, a nice t-shirt and sweatshirt. I found being comfortable was the key for me to concentrate.

    There are lots of helpful Firefighter Prep books out there to go over. You can go to this site and search for them- www.firebooks.com
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