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    Default thinking of moving

    I'm considering of moving out near Boston. I was wondering if anyone could give me any information on counties that i could apply for. I'll only be 18 when I move out there so that rules out boston as according to their site you have to be 19, and live there for a year.

    so if anybody could give me a list of counties near it and possibly a link to their website I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    There are lots of them in Boston area. Check out massmetrofire.com.

    And....at 18, you'll need a college degree to get hired on most fulltime depts., and also as for Boston, you'll be a resident of the Boston area for a few years before the next hiring & testing dates. (you'll be at least 21 or 22)
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    First of all, WHY??

    Secondly, counties? No.

    Cities? Loads of them. Find out the next civil service test and take it.

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