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    Default Do I Have A Chance???

    Anyone with input please be brutally honest.

    I have been asked to put in an AFG for a regional radio program. It would total about $750,000 for portable and mobile radios. All to switch to a digital trunked system. Our state has put all of the infrastucture together for it (towers, updates to communications center ect.) we just have to come up with the radios. All of the interoperability stuff is there. This idea has been submitted in years past and reviewing the previous submissions, I can see several errors that were made. It would involve 19 agencies, total population of over 175,000. We are looking for 1 mobile for each truck in the county and 1 portable to replace what the departments in the county have. Please give me any feedback you may have, I don't want to spend a bunch of time on this one if it is a wild goose chase.

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    If I remember correctly Kurt did a similar grant to yours for a large group of departments in PA. in 06. That one was almost 1 million. Check with him. Kurt Bradley @ chiefs supply. It's doable but you 'd better bring your "A" game to the grant writing table.

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    Sounds like a workable project, but you really better get crackin.'

    You'll need info from all agencies involved and the countdown is on...

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