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    Smile choosing the right detector

    I don't know if it's the right forum to ask this question.
    I want to learn more about those detectors:
    - Smoke detector.
    - heat detector.
    - rate of rise detector.
    - Flamme detector.
    - gases detector.
    could you explain to me the difference between those detectors and how to choose the right detector for the right application. (some links or some previous topics in the forum, i'll appreciate)
    Iam working in power generation (power plant).

    Thank you.

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    This really isn't the right forum for this, but I can't think of where to send you right off my head. But your local code official should be able to tell you which detector is required or allowed. A fire alarm system designer could best tell you which detectors work best in which applications.

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    The OEMs should have service manuals. I would think that would be the place to start.

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