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    Default Give away- Free Class A IKE coat

    Whats a Fireman's favorite word? Free. Followed by "Discount".

    Anyways- I have a small IKE coat (size 42L) up for grabs. Please understand this is a very small sized coat. Even Mini-Me could wear it around town sport 15 years of service.

    Anyways- You want it, you got it. The catch- You need to PM me and over ths shipping. Since its kind of heavy, I am guess about $8.00.

    So get some and remember..."Friends dont let friend ride American LaCHANCE."


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    Damn- I cant even give this stuff away?

    BUMP! Someone come and get it before I give it away to the Sal. Army.

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    Default Did you ever get rid of the Ike coat?

    If not, and by some incredible quirk of fate, you still have it, I'll take it. Let me know how much shipping and how to contact you.

    Mike Reynolds
    Carlsbad Fire Dept. (NM not CA)

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