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    Question Number of SCBA equested V/S seats

    Working on a regional SCBA grant, I understand you can request no more SCBA's then you have seats in the apparatus. The question is can you request less SCBA's then you have seats with outrecieving a penelty or lowering your score?



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    Default Not necessarily....

    I had a successful SCBA AFG in 2004 where we requested for each seat and for our 1987 Mack, which only has 3 SCBA seats, 3 spares in the high side compartments. I justified it based on overall manpower and average manpower per alarm where SCBAs were required. The other manpower arrives in our Utility/Brush vehicles or POVs.

    It worked!

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    I would think you could. In our narrative we asked for SCBA for each seated position but subracted the driver/enineer postition due to the fact he will be staying at the truck. Just keep in mind that they are looking for 100% fix. If you have current SCBA and are just replacing the rest then make sure you document that so they understand why you are asking for less. Otherwise why ask for less when you need more.

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    see below had brain fade here
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    Question seat count vs cost benifit

    what if the count on seating positions is 17, but if we ask for 17 we may get kicked by computer because of cost benifit. do you ask for less to get past computer and state this in narritive? all our scba (6of them) are 12-14 yrs old and need replaced. just dont know how to get the cost benifit down. but still get amount needed, our first responce pop is only 638 for 56 sq miles. this kills me in cost benifit as close as i can figure. am i correct or am i missing, miss figuring the numbers?????? help

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    The program seeks 100% compliance as a priority.If you are worried about cost benefit then add some more local funding and reduce the initial project costs.
    Kurt Bradley
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