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    Default Medical question

    I had knee surgery about 10 years ago(on both knees). I had a minor arthroscopic procedure done and do not suffer any limitations. I have been told by some FF's in my area not even to mention it if it does not limit me in any way. I am in a fire academy now, I have 4 weeks left and I am one of the top in the class.

    My question is, when it comes time to sit down with the doc, do I say something? What kind of medical background do they do? I dont want to lie but I dont want to be passed over for something small. If I thought I could not save my partner when it came time, I would not be trying to become a FF.

    Blah Blah Blah...Sorry for the ramble, any and all advice is welcome

    Thanx in advance.


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    "If I thought I could not save my partner when it came time, I would not be trying to become a FF."

    That's a good way of thinking. The ADA(American Disabilities Act) touches on this, I think.

    Make sure you keep those muscles around those new knees toned up so they will be with when the stress comes.

    Keep some WD40 around just in case....lol. (just kidding)

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    I always love it when an “expert”, in this case a firefighter tells you “not to mention it.” Be aware when someone tells you something that doesn’t sound right. Following his advice would get you terminated from the testing in two different areas.

    Number one – you will fail the medical for failing to disclose a pre existing injury.

    Number two – you will fail the polygraph for lying. Yes, intentionally with holding information is the same as lying.

    Oh, for the record your knee injury would not preclude you from becoming a firefighter.

    Be aware of “free” advice.

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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    I was told that the state of IN pension board does not worry about knee procedures (especially arthoscopic) that happened over 10 yrs ago. If you have knee problems, it would have manifested it by now.......

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    Default Thank You

    Thanks guys, this has been on my mind for some time now. Thanks for the info. I will mention the surgeries.

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