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    Default Call Volume Stats

    Can someone clarify for me the way to breakdown call volumes? I am trying to compile them and my question is this --- do we put them in the category based on how they came in (structure fire, MVA people trapped) or by disposition (mva people not really trapped, not officially called a structure fire)?

    Also, we run over 1,000 ambulance calls every year. Some of those calls will generate a fire run and an ambulance run. This generates two separate run numbers based on response. Do we count them in the EMS for the ambulance response and then as a service call for the fire job that might be created for a lift assist for the ambulance or if they need manpower for a 500?

    Thanks for the help.

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    If ambulance and fire are 1 organization then it's only 1 run. Same way that people are getting in trouble for counting 1 run per station on the same fire. 3 trucks from 1 department going to 1 house fire isn't 3 fires. Incident #s are for the life of the call no matter how many units come and go.

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