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    Default cadiovascular stress test

    i am seeking some information about maximal caridovascular stress tests. assuming my oral boards went well, i will e required to perform one of these tests. i understand the idea, on a treadmill that increase speed and incline every couple of minutes while your b/p and ecg are monitored along with your insirpatory and expiratory O2 and CO2 levels, but i have no idea on what time standards im facing. i've heard several "rumors" as too how long i need to go, but at the same time they all seem to be different. if anyone has taken one or knows what time standards the national avarage for pass/fail are, i would greatly appreciate it.

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    the one that I took lasted about 10 minutes and all they watched for was to see if I was going to develop chest pain, ischemic changes on the ECG, or extreme elevation in B/P or Pulse. They also check to see what your recovery time is like once the test is over. I barely prepared for it at all. Just walked on and inclined treadmill and a moderate pace for a couple weeks. Hope this helps. GL!

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