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    Default Other accaptable "foam" products....

    hey everyone. this may seem tatally off of the wall to some people, but it is a concern of mine.

    about a month ago was had a structure fire in our first due area. it was early in the morning and some of our volunteers had just started work. we got the report of a structure fire with a lady possibly trapped inside. our asst. chief went to go get the engine and he responded with only one other firefighter on the engine. another firefighter (who just got off work at his full time firefighting job) was first on scene and reported flames through the roof. i was hauling *** trying to get there because they needed help. the two firefighters there made an attempt of an interior attack but fire conditions were SEVERE when they entered. when i got on scene one whole half of the house was in flames. i went and got on another line and was attepting to put the fire out. well the fire got away from us and the house basically ended up going up all together. so it was a loss (and the lady who was inside got out before we got there).

    this is my question however. once we got the fire under control they decided to use our PRO-PACK for foam to blanket the remains of the house with foam. well when they went to the engine to get foam they realized they did not have any class A foam. so one of the guys from our mutual aid depatment went back to his truck and pulled out a gallon of "Lemon Sparkel Soap" and they put that in PRO-Pack and used that as "foam". i never did use the pro-pack, i just stayed on the hand line the whole time. could that be used as an accepable substetute???

    first off my question is why we did not have class A foam on our engine, but thats another story.

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    Yes it works. Old school. but many departments used to dump it in the tank to make a batch. Dawn was pretty popular because it is mild on the hardware.

    Not manufacturer recommended (but what is?), but it does basically the same job as class A foam. Break the surface tension.

    Check the Wildland forum for some old threads with good detail.
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    Yep, it works although I prefer the apple scented Dawn.

    Class A foam is just super concentrated liquid soap.

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