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    Finally decided to stop making excuses and do what I knew I wanted to do a long time ago. I am 25 in Austin,TX. Getting ready to start EMT classes. Is there anything else you might suggest to give me the best possible chance of reaching my goal?


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    Smile where you gonna go?

    i think that it all depends on where you wanna end up. If you wanna stay here in Austin I would suggest finishing up with your EMT-B(you're gonna have to do that again, but it will show them that you have the initiative to do it beforehand). I would also recommend going to Barne's and Nobles and buying a couple of books on how to study for taking their written exam. Also search on this forum for some books on how to do well in your interview(seeing is how their rank list goes completely off of that one score). There is a good one out by BCLeopore who posts on here often called "smoke your FF interview", or something like that. Finally, get in gear, cuz they are gonna test again before the end of this that means that you are already behind the ball if your aren't studying. The city webpage will let you know when they are testing again as well as if you want to call the recruiting office....ask about a ride out with an engine company too!

    If you don't want to stay here then your plans on how to get in could change largely. If you want to go to the metroplex of Texas alot of the departments there require you to either 1. be a paramedic or 2. have your fire commission certifications prior to taking the written. Those requirements are pretty much self explanatory...if you don't have them and you wanna work there....go get 'em.

    If you have a little while to play around with it....finish up EMT-B and go to a fire academy(heard that has wonderful things goin' on for FF in texas now) and test everywhere in that you will take a couple of times taking that civil service to get use to it and make the grade worthy of an interview(unles you are a prodigy). If you finsih both and still don't have a badge, then go on to medic school at some college(ACC has a great program and is putting out GOOD PARAMEDICS....i know...i work for Austin/Travis County EMS).

    sorry for the long post....just saw someone from my area and wanted to help! Hope it did! Good luck!


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    Test ... a lot. Look on department websites. San Antonio will probably start taking applications soon. Houston takes apllications on a year road basis and schedules tests a couple of times per year (I hear they have one coming up in the near future as well). Also, try Dallas Ft. Worth, Austin. You do not need to be certified for these departments (they'll train you). So, start testing now.

    If you're looking to take classes, EMT and a fire academy might do you some good. Most smaller departments require a TCFP and a TDH cert of some kind to apply. Employment information can be found on the Texas Commission on Fire Protection website. Good luck

    PM me if you want more information.

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    If you are from the Austin, Texas area they might be giving an exam in the fall of 2007.

    Below is info from their website.

    Updated information on the next application period and hiring process will be posted on this web page in Fall 2007.

    The Austin Fire Department is always looking for interested and qualified individuals. We hope you will take the time to complete the Recruiting Survey.


    For more information, please contact:
    Recruiting Division
    Austin Fire Department
    4201 Ed Bluestein Blvd.
    Austin, Texas 78721
    (800) 832-5264 or (512) 974-0100
    Or contact us by e-mail at Recruiting Office.

    Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School has prepared over 40,000 fire applicants with our entry level seminars and products. has over 250 pages of FREE information and career articles to help you reach your goal of becoming a firefighter.

    Go to and register for our free fireprep e-mail newsletter that currently has over 22,000 subscribers. This newsletter features career articles by the countries top entry level

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